SITA CleanoSpector Application

The main field of application of the SITA CleanoSpector is the cleanliness inspection of parts in cleaning processes by measuring the fluorescence of the contamination. This ensures a high quality of parts which have to be cleaned for further processes such as surface coating or surface treatment. A cleanliness inspection of small parts and different forms can be realized due to the 1 mm diameter of the measuring point and a flexible handling of the sensor head. If using an automated x, y, z -positioning system in combination with the part or the sensor head, complete surface areas can be measured.

Measurable contamination, material and forms of parts

Examples for the use of the SITA CleanoSpector for the cleanliness inspection:

  • Shafts of engine piston after cleaning - slightest residual contamination of oils, greases or surfactants decrease the adhesive strength before printing the protection layer
  • Pistons for hydraulic pumps before hardening - in case of residual contamination, the quality characteristics of the steel may become worse in the hardening furnace
  • Stainless steel pipes before coating (vehicle construction)
  • Gear case parts before coating or gluing
  • Proving that bond pads on ceramic substrates are free of fluxing agent residues before bonding
  • Medical instruments and implants before delivering to the user
  • Cleanliness of parts before vacuum or powder coating

Examples for the usage of SITA CleanoSpector in order to proof a defined coating:

  • Proof of a wax coating on screws
  • Proof of a defined corrosion protective coating on stainless steel pistons

We are happy to give you expert advice according to your field of application. Take an advantage of our application experience when introducing measurement technology, for the calibration and for the definition of limit values for the parts' control.

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